The Small Business Scheduling Software You've Always Wanted!

Whether you're looking to create schedules for your employees or some other type of schedule for your business, this is one of the best pieces of small business scheduling software ever created. The nice thing about it is that you don't have to host it on a web server (although you can) because it can be run locally on a desktop. There are some people who may choose to actually host it though and access it remotely via their small business web server or small busines web hosting account. Keep in mind that if you do choose to host it remotely, it's just as easy as using it locally on a desktop! You've also got the option of hosting this software in the cloud in order to access it from anywhere in the world!

Top Features

Easy to Configure

The settings and backend of this software are extremely easy to use, setup and configure, making for a quick and easy setup.

Record Data Effortlessly

Not only does this software allow people to record their scheduling data, but it also allows this to be done automatically!

Automatic Error Checking

This software performs automatic error checking on scheduling tables so you don't have to worry about it.

Create Schedules for any Time Period

Past, present, future, it doesn't matter at all. This software can create schedules for any time perion that you want depending upon your needs.

Host Locally or in the Cloud

Whether you want to host this scheduling software locally on your PC or in the cloud on a small business hosting server, the choice is yours!

Create Individual Schedules

Whether you're looking to make a schedule for an entire team or just for one person, you can easily do that without any type of trouble.

Product Updates

Software Updated for Windows 10

This softare has now been configured to work locally on Windows 10, but with that said, you may choose to run it in the cloud or on a small business web hosting server. According to Web Hosting Buddy's small business hosting page, this is very easy to do. You simply need a business hosting account and then you can configure the scheduling software as needed (for more information, click here).

Mac Compatibilty Expected This Year

While this software isn't currently compatible with Mac computers, we're working on making these improvements and hopefully these will be released this year. We will post updates to this site when the extended compatiblity is finished.

Other Features

This software comes with a mobile applcation that you can use to check and adjust schedules for your small business on the go so that you're not stuck to a single computer or device which frees up your time to get other things done.

Mobile Application-Compatible

In addition to being mobile application-compatible, this software is also compatible with iOS and Andround, making it easy to use no matter which type of device you're using. Whether it's an iOS device or an Android device, you're able to use this software just the same.

Cross Device Compatibliity

In addition to being compatible with mobile phones, this small business scheduling software is also compatible with tablets including tablets that run iOS software and tablets that run Android software.

Tablet Support

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